About us

Free Fusion was established in 2010. Our main website is www.iphonespecialist.co.uk. We created our repair center because we are technology hotheads. Our company strives to connect our power, energy and skills to build the best crew which will be able to make our passion and our customers’ passion thrive in this industry. We specialize in the repair of iPhones, iPods and iPads. Our technical skills make sure that we are able to repair leading brands to perfection. Thanks to technologically advanced tools, profound diagnosis and huge experience we can solve almost all problems you may face with your devices. We also have excellent results in the repair of liquid damaged devices - over 97%. We use great quality parts as we believe that they prolong life of devices and guarantee more efficient using. Therefore, we offer to our customers extended warranty on all our repairs to show how confident we are in our repair and the parts we use.

Free Fusion Ltd is registered in England and Wales No.08129618. VAT 142 3673 25